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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  March 11, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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another isis outrage. this time a video showing a chile killing an israeli arab man. hillary clinton says she did nothing wrong by using her personal e-mail during her time as u.s. secretary of state. and big find. one of the best-selling songs of all time is deemed a theft by a jury. hello and a warm welcome to all of our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm zain asher. glad to be with you. >> hello, good to have you here. i'm errol barnett. this is "cnn newsroom."
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we begin this hour with new evidence that isis is using children to carry out despicable acts. a video posted on line shows a young boy shooting an isis captive in the head at pointblank range. it is disgusting. >> horrific video. cnn has decided not to show any part of this video. this is not the first time isis has showcased children in this video. we're looking here on the screen images from november that show you what the terror group calls a graduation ceremony for its cubs. the new isis video claims the man being killed is a spy for israel. cnn has more live from jerusalem with more on that. it's an unsubstantiated claim. we're not showing clips or stills from the video. it's that nasty. do explain to us what the video contains and why the victim's family back home is so confused by it. >> reporter: this is a fairly long video. it's perhaps seven or eight
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minutes long maybe even longer than that. it starts with what appears to be a fairly lengthy confession from 19-year-old mohamed musallam. the way he's reading it and the sound of his voice, it seems that he's reading this confession. it was written for him -- but what he says is a detailed story of how it is that he came to be recruited as a musaad agent, a spy agent for israeli spy agency. and he tells the story and then from there it -- that's the beginning of the video. the end shows, as you said, a young boy who doesn't say a word but appear to hole what looks like a 9 millimeter and shoots the 19-year-old. that's where the confusion comes in with this whole story of how he was recruited to join the musaad spy agency. his family says there's no way he was an agent for musaad. here's his mother. >> translator: mohamed is not an agent. he's not an agent. he doesn't have a scheckel.
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if he was an agent he would have lived a beautiful life. we could have been living a different life and wouldn't be living this life. if my son was a spy, i wouldn't be cleaning houses so we can live. >> translator: i miss everything about moehamed. he was born during ramadan. when he was little i would change him and care for him when mom went to work. he's not a brother, he's a son. >> reporter: we heard from his brother, as well. his mom says he wasn't a spy agent. we hear the same from israel's defense minister who says 19-year-old musallam had absolutely no ties to israeli security. not to musaad or any security agency in the country. we know -- his family describes him as a funny guy, a fun-loving guy. they say he was a volunteer firefighter considering going tel aviv to get more training as a firefighter. he is of palestinian descent
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living in east jerusalem. unlike most in that demographic he chose to get israeli citizenship. if that's the case that would make him the first israeli citizen killed by isis in such a gruesome public way. so what we've heard again from the family there and heard it from the israeli defense minister is that what we saw isn't true. you musallam was not a spy agent, and then we've learned more about the story as they try to -- has the team tried to get him back. from 3.5 months ago, musallam traveled lured by isis based on promises of a better life to join isis. when his family talked to him via skype, they said they tried everything they could to get him back to israel back to jerusalem, but to no avail. >> just was not enough. live from jerusalem this morning with the latest on the story. thanks. the iraqi military says it has begun its final push to retake the city of tikrit from
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isis. sunni and shia militias are fighting and iran is offering military advice and weapons. >> it seems to be making a difference. tikrit is known as the birthplace of former iraqi dictator saddam hussein. it's been under isis control since june of last year. i want to bring in ian lee joining me live from cairo. so ian, this operation has been going on for about a week now. just how close are the iraqi forces from taking back tikrit in isis? >> reporter: they're a mile or a little under two kilometers from the city center. despite having a large number of fighters roughly 30,000 has been a slow go. isis is very advanced when it comes to roadside bombs. the trucks laden with explosives and suicide bombers. this has slowed them as they push toward the city center toward taking the city the
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government says in the next few days they believe they can have pushed out all of isis. they haven't had any help from the u.s. but they have had some air strikes helicopter attacks from the iraqi army which helped them push out. they've heard some the isis fighters have fled the area. this is a difficult city to take. the road leading to mosul, one of the cities that they hope to take also later this year. >> it's going to be a push to try and get mosul back as well. you mentioned no help from the united states. the shia militia, of course have done a lot of the heavy lifting in term of trying to get back tikrit. but you know in terms of sunni and shia sectarian tension, that could obviously become even worse. what's being done to prevent the sectarian tension that could erupt after this from getting worse? >> reporter: well the shia militias that have been really
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the forefront of the fighters retaking large parts of iraq have a poor track record when it comes to taking areas that are predominantly sunni. they have accused the locals of collaborating with isis and have treated them as such during certain times. so there is a lot of concern that this large shia force, predominantly, there are sunni tribemen helping take the city. there are concerns that going into this predominantly sunni city we could see some of the alleged abuses that we saw in other parts of the country. and that will send a real strong message to the sunni fighters that are working alongside them not just to take tikrit but in other parts of the country, that if their brethren are mistreatsed when they retake the city that will put them off to helping them take other pars of the country. -- parts of the country. >> people asking could this be
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part of iran's larger plans for expansionism. we appreciate it. thank you. let's check some other news we're following now. italy's highest court has upheld the acquittal of former prime minister silvio berlusconi. he was convicted in 2013 of abuse of office and paying for sex with a minor and sentenced to seven years in prison. that was not the end of the story. an appeals court then acquitted him last year. prosecutors asked that that ruling be overturned. now the high court has rejected that request. colombia's president says his country will halt bombing raids against marxist rebels for about a month. this move is seen as a sign of progress in the country's peace process. last year the rebel group declared a cease-fire but promised to call it you off if they were attacked by government forces. the west is condemning the use of police force against dozens in myanmar. students protesting an education bill had a violent exchange with
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police tuesday. this is in leptodon. some protesters were seen beaten with batons. the students are seeking changes to a bill they say limits academic treatments. reports say police also used force to disperse protesters in the area to the south. hillary clinton talking about the controversy over her e-mail for the first time now. the u.s. secretary of state used a personal account for official business. >> now she's turned over thousands of emails for review. as jeff zeleny reports, critics are not satisfied. >> reporter: hillary clinton breaking her silence over the e-mail controversy that has consumed her campaign in waiting. >> looking back it would have been better for me to use two separate phones and two e-mail accounts. i thought using one device would be simpler, and obviously it hasn't worked out that way. >> reporter: she acknowledged she may have made a mistake but
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insists it was innocent. >> even if i'd had two devices which is obviously permitted -- many people do that -- you will still have to put the responsibility where it belongs, which is on the official. i did it for convenience, and looking back i think it might have been smarter to have those two devices from the very beginning. >> reporter: at the united nations, mrs. clinton took questions for nearly 20 minutes. the two words came up again and again. >> looking back -- looking back -- now looking back -- again looking back -- >> reporter: now she's looking need a second presidential campaign. and she finds herself in the middle of another political firestorm with republicans smelling new blood on a favorite old target. mrs. clinton said she turned over all work-related e-mail to be archived by the state department. >> when the search was cop deducted, we were asking that any e-mail be identified and preserved that could potentially be federal records. that's exactly what we did.
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we went beyond that. and the process produced over 30,000 work emails. and i think that we have more than met the request from the state department. >> reporter: this doesn't necessarily put the questions to rest. she acknowledged she was policing herself, making her own determination of which emails should be turned over from her time as secretary of state. see that said she deleted all personal e-mail, and she said she had no plans of turning over the private e-mail server for an independent review. >> i believe i have met all of my responsibilities and the server will remain private. and i think that the state department will be able over time to release all of the records that were provided. >> reporter: the session today did little to quiet her republican critics. the head of the congressional committee investigating the benghazi attacks released a statement that said "because secretary clinton has created
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more questions than answers, the select committee is left with no choice now call her to appear at least twice." cnn, at the united nations. hillary clinton joined other democrats in condemning republican senators' message to iran on nuclear talks. the open letter warned if agreement were reached without congressional approval, it would be void as soon as president obama leaves office. clinton said the letter was out of step with the best traditions of american leadership. >> vice president biden said it's "a message of as false as it is dangerous. the decision to undercut our president and circumvent our constitutional system offends me as a matter of principle." two of the republican snares who signed the letter are absolutely unapologetic. >> they're standing their ground yes. >> they say an agreement with iran poses such a threat it requires an unusual response. take a listen. >> reporter: the constitution requires that any trading be submitted to the -- treaty be submitted to the senate for
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ratification. unfortunately, president obama has repeatedly defied the law and defied the constitution. and this iran deal, i believe, is an historic mistake. i believe it endangers the national security of this country. >> this is an unusual moment with an incredible risk to the world and our country and the region. requires -- it required an unusual method to deal with it. with regret i will send another tomorrow. i think at the risk of a nuclear iran is so great that we need to do everything possible to keep us from finding ourselves in a situation where we're going to have a nuclear iran. >> and there were seven republican senators who refused to sign that letter. one of them jeff blake of arizona, explains why. listen. >> i just didn't think it was productive to -- during this time when there are tough negotiations going. on they're tough enough without introducing this almost. i know that there's -- there are a lot of people who don't think that this agreement is going to be a good one. i think we value our doubts
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whether this is going to be an agreement worth pursuing. but my own you view i can only speak for myself is that we ought to take every opportunity to have a negotiated grammy rather than the alternative. the alternative isn't good. >> blake also opposes additional sanctions on iran while talks are ongoing. we're going to take a break. when we come back three french sports stars are among ten people killed in a midair helicopter collision. we'll have the latest on the investigation. plus a look at new video of that crash. plus, a small child is taken by a stranger. thanks to two teens, the story has a happy ending.
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for a full 90 days. included is our hassle-free guarantee. go to plug & protect is not available in stores so go to right now. that's welcome back. we have some new video in to cnn showing the moment two helicopters collided midair in argentina. it's difficult to watch. we want to show it to you. witnesses say the helicopters crashed into one another moments after takeoff. and it was good weather conditions. you see it there. >> my goodness. your hare stops when you see this video. three french star athletes were among the ten people killed in monday's helicopter crash. two argentinian pilots and five french nationals killed. they were there in argentina to film a reality show. france has launched the manslaughter investigation into the incident. >> for more let's get to our don
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riddell live from paris. don, we just watched for the first time the video that shows the two helicopters colliding into one another. that appeared to be perfect weather conditions. what do we know about the circumstances surrounding that crash? >> reporter: very little so far. i mean the video you've shown has been playing on loop on news channels. they're here pretty much throughout the last 24 hours. people in france are familiar with the visuality of the accident. investigators have yet to properly pour through the scene. we do know the french themselves have sent their own investigators to take a look at the crash site and to try and figure out and piece together what actually occurred. we do know that the two argentine pilots involved were both very very experienced. they both had been in the business for a long time. we understand that one actually
12:19 am
served in the faulk lands war. of course ten people lost their lives here. i guess it's inevitable that much of the focus has ended up being on the three famous french athletes each of which in their own way was very iconic. of course as we've seen in the last day, their final moments have played out here on television and in the media in terrifying detail. it was a catastrophic collision. a midair crash at 100 meters that almost instantly doomed ten people and plunged a nation into mourning. two helicopters were ferrying the cast and crew of a television show in a remote area of northwestern argentina. among the dead eight french nationals including three famous athletes. >> translator: they died because they wanted to beat back their boundaries, to show exploits countries, and regions and be able to lead by example. >> reporter: listed among the
12:20 am
casualties was the 47-year-old sailor who became the first woman to win the race to run a solo transatlantic yacht race in 1990. an iconic figure she was known as the fiancee of the atlantic. also killed the 25-year-old swimmer, one of only three french women to have won three medals in a single olympic games. having triumphed at london in 2012 she had retired and was focusing on a new career. >> translator: camille, she often called the 100% lady. she was successful in many things. almost everything actually. in any case she left as a happy woman on every level. >> reporter: the 28-year-old boxer was hoping to compete at the next olympics in rio. he was a bronze medalnist beijing, 2008. a beloved national athlete planning on a comeback at the 2016 olympic.
12:21 am
tragically his death comes after his sister was killed in a car crash earlier this year. the tv show they were filming of called "dropped," an independently produced survival kind of program which would have been broadcast by the channel this summer. it also featured one of the country's best known football players who tweeted, "i'm sad for my friends. i'm shaking. i'm horrified. i'm lost for words. i don't want to say a thing." as a mark of respect, the football team say they'll wear black armbands during wednesday's champions league tie against chelsea in london. it's a sign that the whole country is in mourning. >> the people who are quite well known in france really a -- a good man, he was boxing you know and of course -- it's a sadness. >> reporter: the paris prosecutor's office has launched an involuntary manslaughter
12:22 am
investigation and the national crash investigation team is on its way to argentina. guys, i can tell you that the television show "dropped" has already been canceled. and a tribute ceremony to all those who died will be held in paris this lunchtime. back to you. >> and that production company and program have had deadly incidents happen to crew members before. don riddell live in paris on that story. thank you very much. now a dramatic kidnapping tampa caught on surveillance video in washington state. a man can be seen running off with a 2-year-old boy. the child was playing in a park with his older brother and sister when the man grabbed the toddler from his stroller. >> yeah this is every parent's worst nightmare. the siblings and some nearby teens actually gave chase until the kidnapper let the boy go. take a listen to the 911 call from the attempted abduction. >> 911. location of the emergency?
12:23 am
>> downtown the main street. a man grabbed a little kid -- and we caught it. we got the kid, but the madison loose somewhere. >> police say the suspect, though is still at large. incredible. good for those brother and sisters for actually chasing that guy. >> of course. we'll take a short break. when we come back a u.s. college student expelled for a racist chant is now apologizing for his actions. the fallout goes beyond his fraternity.
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a u.s. college student expelled for leading a racist chant is apologizing for his actions. in a statement published by "the dallas morning news," parker rice said and i'll quote "it was wrong and reckless. i made a horrible mistake by joining into the singing and encouraging other to do the same." >> he also says "for me this is a devastating lesson. i'm seeking guidance on how i can learn from this to make sure it never happens again. my goal for the long term is to be a man who has the heart and courage to reject racism wherever i see or experience it in the future." >> rice was one of two students expelled from the university of oklahoma over that chant which was caught on video. their fraternity sigma alpha epsilon, of also kicked off campus as well. >> now a new video has surfaced
12:27 am
of another person within the fraweren't using a racial slur. we have more -- fraternity using a racial slur. we have more on that. [ chanting ] [ bleep ] >> reporter: the fallout over this racist video has been swift. two students now expelled from the university of oklahoma for "playing a leadership role" in the singing of this racist chant by members of the fraternity. [ bleep ] >> reporter: the fraternity house now sits nearly empty. the greek letters gone from its facade. students seen moving out remain silent. where are you going? >> no comment. i'm sorry. >> reporter: the campus paper has identified parker rice a 19-year-old freshman from dallas as one of the students leading the racist chants. >> that video does not represent his core personality. >> reporter: matthew lopez is a friend who says that's not the person he knows. >> parker rice is a -- a charismatic, good person with a good soul good spirit that i
12:28 am
feel truly do not believe in or did not truly understand what he was saying. >> reporter: new video shot in 2013 has also emerged of the sae house mom which shows her singing along with the rap song repeatedly using the "n" word. ♪ gilbo, known as "mom b.," says she's heartbroken to be portrayed of racist. and she says, "i have friends of all races and do not tolerate any form of discrimination in my life. i was singing a long but see how it was in context this week." >> she treated all of us regardless of the color of our skin our economic background where we came from she treated with us dignity, respect, and love. >> reporter: joshua piron joined the sae chapter more than 15 years ago.
12:29 am
he said the fraternity was diverse, and the racist chant is not part of the frat's tradition. >> when i was here i had no knowledge of the existence of that chant. >> reporter: you never heard it? >> i never heard it. i never read it. i did not know it existed. i want to set the record straight that this is not something that has been ongoing in this chapter for many years. >> reporter: cnn, norman oklahoma. you now activists in london fight to keep teens from joining extremist groups like isis. coming up why they say their job seems to get harder by the day. plus how the written words of the boston marathon suspect are being used against him coming up. the star of a hit show is suspended by a british broadcaster for an altercation with the producer. when it comes to medicare, everyone talks about what happens when you turn sixty-five. but, really, it's what you do before that counts. see, medicare doesn't cover everything. only about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is on you.
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hello, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "cnn newsroom." i'm zain asher. >> i'm errol barnett. let's check our big headlines for you right now. some new information in to cnn. israel's defense minister says an israeli arab man killed by isis had no connection to israeli intelligence. a new video shows 19-year-old mohammed musallam being shot in the head by a young boy. cnn has decided ton show any part of the video. musallam's family says he was recruited by isis and taken captive when he tried to leave. hillary clinton admits she could have used a separate could for official emails when she was u.s. secretary of state. instead she used her personal account. she addressed the controversy for the first time on tuesday.
12:33 am
clinton said she's turned over thousands of emails for review. we can show you new video revealing the moment two helicopters collided midair in argentina. three french star athletes were among ten people killed in monday's crash. now they were on their way to film a reality tv show. france has launched a manslaughter investigation into that incident. london police are apologizing to the families of the three missing schoolgirls who ran off to syria, presumably to join isis. the girls' parents testified before a parliamentary committee in london on tuesday. >> they say police knew a friend of the girls traveled to syria in december. instead of contacting the parents directly they sent a note home with the girls. >> if we received a letter directly we would have contacted the police, we would have found out where has this first girl gone if they gave us
12:34 am
information. i would have spoken to my sister and said, hold on okay, if she was a close friend of yours, what do you know and how much information can you give. >> community activists in london and other cities are reaching out to young people to warn about the dangers of radicalism. many say their job is more difficult than ever. >> cnn's christiane amanpour went back to visit one activist she spoke with in 2007. early machine morning -- >> reporter: eight years ago i met hanif cadir, a youth worker in one of lion's most diverse and deprived areas. >> street crime, gun crime, drugs, car theft. then you have another threat. >> reporter: what's the new threat? >> radicalism. it's a cause. every person want a cause. >> reporter: that threat has mushroomed. today, radicalized muslim teens
12:35 am
are a major worry for britain's government police and security services. and hanif's group of outreach workers are on the front line trying to stop young muslims from joining isis. >> you have a lot of young muslim boys that do not understand the religion per se. they're brought up in britain, they're born muslims. and the radicalization takes place because of a lack of understanding. >> reporter: muhammad hands out magazines saying isis is un-islamic and warns everyone not to get involved. but the message doesn't always get through. >> quite a few youth from the area have left. they've gone to syria because of misguidance. they do not understand what they're doing. and they've picked themselves up without giving a warning, and they've left the country. and at this moment i don't think the family know if they're dead or alive. >> reporter: and his job has got much harder in the eight years since i first met him.
12:36 am
recruiters have moved from mosques to on line. >> the recruitment techniques and ideologies rapidly changed. we've got young men and women on such media platform in the mitts of the night when they should be doing homework or been in bed. they've been engaged and are being groomed on line even though they may not know it. >> reporter: some say that videos of bloodshed in syria that isis circulates over the internet can help drive people to radicalism. >> since january, i've had six cases come to my attention. i will say the majority don't even understand islam. they don't know which direction to pay. they haven't been radicalized through islam. -been radicalized emotionally. >> reporter: at the youth center hanif tries to warn young people about the, do side of social media, reminding them that these three girls were groom on line and have now turned up in syria. >> they're innocent young girl. these girls have been ripped out
12:37 am
of their household to go join a network of individuals that clearly haven't got their best interests at heart. how does this happen? social media. >> it's about social media -- >> reporter: these teenagers don't think they're vulnerable. while some leave convinced tonight, others are more skeptical. >> religious, they'll come up to us -- we listen to them, but after they go, it's just -- [ inaudible ] >> that was our christiane amanpour reporting. there's a new key piece of ever in the boston marathon bombing trial. jurors you saw the words dzhokhar tsarnaev wrote inside the boat where he hid from police. >> prosecutors call it his manifesto. we have more from boston. >> reporter: the final moments of the manhunt for the younger marathon bombing suspect.
12:38 am
infrared cameras show the suspect alive and moving. after grash bang grenades dzhokhar tsarnaev comes out hands up. what was he thinking hiding out in a boat parked in a back yard? prosecutors submit his own words as evidence. "the god has a plan for each person. mine was to schett light on our actions. i asked the through make me return to him and be among all the righteous people in the highest levels of heaven." it's written in the boat etched in pencil riddled with bullets and streaked with blood. "u.s. government is killing most civilians," he writes "but most of you know. that i can't stan to see such evil go unpunished. we muslims are one body. you hurt one, you hurt us all." evidence prosecutors say of radical beliefs motivating the marathon attacks using more of his own words against him, the prosecution points to tweets on the night of the bombing, "ain't
12:39 am
no love in the heart of the city. stay safe, people." the next day, "i'm a stress-free kind of guy." this one a year before, "they will spend money and regret it and then will be defeated." the prosecution suggesting it shows he had spent ample time plotting. the defense countering. the majority of his tweets were about cars food and girls, like this one -- "i want to study abroad or two." the then-19-year-old the defense says manipulated by his brother and pulled into a deadly plot. tamerlan dies in a shoot-out with police. dzhokhar takes off. a day later they zero in on him,. and the message he left behind. "i'm jealous of my brother who received the reward of inshallah before me." so far jurors have only seen pictures of the note. prosecutors would like to cut the note out of the boat and frent to the jury. the defense says that would be
12:40 am
taking tsarnaev's words out of contect. they want jurors to see the entire boat. the judge has agreed to inspect the boat before making his final ruling. in boston cnn. now to the u.s. state of utah where lawmakers have passed a bill that will bring backfiring squads to execute some death row inmates. >> the state actually banned firing squads back in 2004. lawmakers want them as an option again in case lethal injection drugs are not available. >> now supporters of the bill say death by firing squad -- get this -- is more humane because lethal injects can be botched and lead to drawn-out deaths. that's what they claim. utah's governor has not said whether he'll sign it into law. the host of the hit show "top gear," jeremy clarkson is in hot water yet again. the bbc says the star has been suspended after hitting a
12:41 am
producer. >> i think to myself he has one of the best jobs in the world to drive all of these cool cars. what does he have to be mad about? the suspension is just the latest controversy involving clarkson as itv shows us. ♪ >> reporter: on sunday's edition of "top gear," jeremy clarkson of his usual excitable self. >> yes! you're good! >> reporter: the show has made the presenter and the bbc a lot of money. >> it's pretty -- >> reporter: this afternoon it said in a statement following a fracas with a bbc producer jeremy clarkson has been suspended pending an investigation. no one else has been suspended. "the top gear" will not be broadcast this sunday. until now, the bbc has stuck by clarkson. last year "top gear's" crew forced to flee argentina. the presenter seen behind the wheel of a car with a number plates that looked like a reminder of the 1982 faulklands conflict. ♪ >> reporter: then there are the frequent accusations of racism.
12:42 am
a derogatory term in burma which saw "top gear" torn off by the broadcaster. and then the use of an offensive word during unbroadcast footage. for that, the star issued an explanation. >> i realized that in one of the mumbleded versions if you listen carefully with the sound turned right up it did appear that i'd actually used the word i was trying to obscure. i was mortified by this. horrified. it is a word i loathe. >> reporter: clarkson of put on his final warning. >> it just never shuts up. it would drive you mad. >> reporter: the bbc now has to decide what to do with the star and the program which is one of its biggest money spinners. itv news. more people crossing the line next. up next, how the -- >> a theme -- >> "blurred line" did it. a jury found that pharrell
12:43 am
williams and robin thicke plagiarized from the legendary marvin gaye. it will cost them big. north we'll have anners have had enough of -- new zealanders have had enough of road rage and drivers.
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great shot of san francisco
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there. welcome back everyone. >> you recognized it. >> yeah! are you surprised? why are you surprised i recognize things? yes, been around the world, too. welcome back everyone. robin thicke's -- robin thicke's "blurred lines" of the number-one song of 2013. >> when it comes to copyright infringement a jury says the track crossed the line, and now's going to cost the singer millions. ♪ you know you want it i know you want it ♪ ♪ >> okay. that's so you can remember the song pharrell williams wrote and produced it. robin thicke sang it. tuesday a federal jury in los angeles said the song was plagiarized. >> thicke and williams admitted that "blurred lines" was reminiscent of marvin gay's hit "gotta give it up." the jury found they copied from the r&b legend without permission. judge for yourself. listen to this -- ♪
12:47 am
>> can anyone else hear rip-off? >> no. >> the jury did. they awarded marvin gaye's children $7.3 million. and his daughter broke down outside the courthouse. >> i feel free free from -- honestly free from pharrell williams and robin thicke's chains shen that they tried to keep -- and what they tried to keep on us and the lies that were told. the fact that we were able to break through anyway. >> extremelyish emotional there. robin thicke and pharrell williams said they are disappointed in the verdict and are considering their next move. earlier, i spoke with matthew
12:48 am
belle me executive director of "the hollywood reporter." i asked about the difference between some writers being influenced by another song and outright copyright. listen. >> did distinguish they found that it was plagiarized. but it's interesting -- they also found that it wasn't willful which means that they didn't find that they purposefully went to try to steal the song. but only that they incorporated elements and ultimately plagiarized the song even subconsciously, to create their version. >> okay they it subconsciously. but you know does this set an interesting precedent? are we going to see more lawsuits like this? i'm sure artists are influenced by others all the time. >> yeah. that's the big question is whether the floodgates are going to open to more of these types of cases. now we live in an age where every song is searchable every song can be categorized and everyone who owns a very famous song is probably going back and looking and saying you know what is it similar to something
12:49 am
that has come after it and become successful. and the fine line between influence and infringement is very thin. >> marvin gaye's family's lawyer now wants to block future sales of the song "blurred lines." is that really that realistic? >> well that is realistic. a finding of copyright infringement ultimately you can make a motion and say we want to stop the sale of future songs that are infringing. what i think is really going on, they're positioning for a big settle. trying to get the labels and the artists to come together and say, you know, we're going to make a big payment to the marvin gaye family. make this go away we will stop all of this before there's an appeal. before there's an effort to stop sales. make this go away. >> you know robin thicke sang and played the piano in the courtroom to try and prove that the songs were his and he didn't steal it. but -- >> wasn't enough.
12:50 am
>> jury didn't buy it. >> i worn if robin thicke is able to listen to that at all. he performed on the vmas with miley cyrus, that was panned. ended with his end to his marriage with paula patton. >> he loves her. >> and now the financial arrangement. iy about that's not a song -- >> i want nothing to do with it. >> very interesting stuff. there is dangerous weather surrounding australia and its neighboring islands today. calling in a friend to walk us through all that. >> not one but three tropical cyclones. our resident weather expert, pedram javaheri, what can you tell us? >> guys we've got three storms as you said. one could be the strongest part in ten years. a lot people paying attention. it's in a warm environment as far as the oceans are concerned. we'll show you this. a lot of fuel. and you pick out the areas of rotation at the top of the screen. that's the 15-degree latitudinal mark. you see across northwest australia, across northeast australia. and the cyclone named pam, winds
12:51 am
at this point 185k ph equivalent to a category-3 hurricane and has the potential to get to category 5. i pick your -- you pick your choice. this is the water temperature in orange of 31 celsius. puts it around 0 degrees fahrenheit with winds again 185 at category 3 equivalent. the capital of port villa has a population of 50,000 people. over the next four hours it will strength tonight a category 5, could get to a healthy cat 5 for an area literally where you have little to no zone to evacuate from. small island. that's where we're watching over the next two days with rainfall on the order of a half a meter in the forecast. across northeastern australia, north of cannes category 1 equivalent meandering over the region the next couple of days. doesn't appear to have landfall but will have moisture across the region. high temperatures across the united states 73 in atlanta. roar temperature in charleston,
12:52 am
84 degrees farren high. you get toward kansas city and st. louis, springtime readings into the 70s. that smells a rapid melting of the snowfall. this of last week 63% of the snow -- of snow cover across the united states. and that moisture of course as it melts could lead to flooding. another issue is that nearly 90 million people now underneath a dense fog advisory. can't see in front of you more than a quarter mile. traveling from new york to chicago, airports are going to be hampered severely because of all the melting and water vapor in the air. >> that knock-on effect the fog and flights and delays -- >> you've got to be good in you live down south. happy for the small things in life. thank you. >> thanks. after a slew of road accidents by tourists, some new zealand locals are taking tough action to keep foreign drivers off the road. we'll show you how next. >> technology gives you security. technology gives you control
12:53 am
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tourists get off our road. >> after deadly accidents caused by drivers some locals are taking matters into their own hands. oh! >> reporter: they're pulling out their camera phones to record close calls. some are even taking it a step further. >> come around the corner, and there was a car stopped in the middle of the road. >> reporter: robert penman decided to take the other driver's keys. >> i think if it's a safety
12:56 am
thing, time frame for police to get there. >> reporter: with more and more tourists taking to new zealand roadways locals say they're tired of encountering foreign drivers who don't know the rules. a string of recent incidents has pulled the prime minister into the debate. >> i advise people ton take the law into their own hands. >> reporter: over the past months new zealand has seen horrific crashes including this one when a family of four of hit head-on with a logging truck. none survived. while some safety campaigners want to go so far as requiring visitors to take driving tests, authorities say it's unfair to single them out. >> i think foreign drivers are subject to exactly the same issues that local drivers are around traveling too fast, not wearing seat belts. the same things in terms of driver behavior play their part. >> reporter: in an effort to lower the number of accidents,
12:57 am
some highway upgrades are being accelerated. rental car companies are putting road safety tips front and center. >> if the road is completely blocked, stay on your side of the road. >> reporter: this video part of a drive safe government initiative points out some of the surprises drivers might encounter like one-lane bridges. >> if the large area points are hid, you have the right of way. >> chance that you're not in it -- >> reporter: some of the road rage incidents targeting foreigners have had a nasty, racist tinge. while the driver who took matters into his own hands says he would do it again, local reports say he was also breaking the you law for driving with an expired license. cnn, hong kong. thanks for watching. i'm zain asher. >> i'm errol barnett. more news after the break. see you tomorrow.
12:58 am
12:59 am
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making their apologies. two university of oklahoma students booted from school over their racist video, now asking for forgiveness. we will tell you what the students and their families say and how that school community is banding together. hillary clinton on the record. she's explaining why she used her personal e-mail to conduct state department business but her answers aren't sitting well with everyone. we'll have clinton's comments and the